Bullion Jewellery is Here

Gold is Forever

Is Gold Really Forever ?

In short Yes. First we need to start at beginning. Gold is made inside biggest explosion in the Universe called Supernova. So we humans Can’t make it and inflate it. So in short all Gold on this planet is here since its Creation which was roughly 4,6 Billion years ago.

 So yes Gold is really forever. That is because of gold’s innate resistance against corrosion. You already saw old gold Roman coins which are 2000 years and still looks like they were pressed yesterday.

That means, once upon a time the gold you wear was Heart of the Star.

Why Gold?

First like we established above, Gold is Forever. Gold was money last 6000+ years, and we stepped from this system really recently in 1972. Every time we move on from gold/money standard to fiat/currency based standard normal people suffer.

It is Historically great asset to hold in times of high Inflation, Geopolitical risks, Wars, social Unrests, etc… Gold store value and purchasing power like no other instruments, indefinitely. It don’t have any counter party risk and offers anonymity, which is really rare in this day and age.

Everybody should own some gold.

Why Gold Bullion Jewellery ?

Because, it shares all benefits from above, but have some extra benefits. First is you can wear it, which is benefit any other instrument can’t offer. But really this is the biggest benefit of bullion jewelry.

Imagine you need to leave your country, because of war or other geopolitical risks. When you want to leave, they don’t let you leave with more than 5000 USD, but when you own bullion jewellery you can wear Unlimited amount of Purchasing Power in any Currency.

Next benefit is confiscation, when government is in bad economic situation they try to get out of trouble by any means, even confiscation of gold from their citizens. Like in USA in 1933 when Great Depression was happening. But when they confiscated gold they only took, gold coins, bars, and certificates of gold ownership.

Jewellery wasn’t confiscated!